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Beloved in the Lord:

Our next Southwest Brethren Conference, which will be held, Lord willing, from Thursday June 9th to Sunday June 12th, 2016 at the Love field Inn and Suites 1241 W. Mockingbird Ln, Dallas.  The subject that the Lord has put before us for a theme is “Live as Courageous Disciples”.  Main Speakers for the conference will be Br. Mike Atwood, Br. Sajeev Varghese, Br. Albert Sunil and Br. Christian Ramirez.

Please mark your calendar and plan too attend.We are infinitely blessed to be a people who are living as courageous disciples while living in a world that is dark and confused.  God has left us here as his disciples to shine as lights so that others may come to know the truth.  May God help us as we, Lord willing, learn more of these things.   Our thoughts are being directed to the exalted Christ on the throne of God and His appearing to set up His Kingdom and to rule on His own throne.

We solicit your prayers for Divine guidance as we prepare, and a profitable time of edification at the conference itself. On behalf of Southwest brethren conference 2016.

P.T. Philip – Secretary

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